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Snow Leopard Capital Management (SLCM) is a small and niche, specialist-type investment management company with a representative office in Budapest, Hungary. The firm is majority employee-owned and aims to manage active absolute return equity portfolios for institutional and retail clients across various geographies. The company’s proposed flagship fund, The Snow Leopard Inflation Fund is a dedicated global macro-type fund which aims to capitalize on an anticipated worldwide inflation surge and global resource scarcity ahead. In addition, the fund is also well placed to benefit from the organic growth and development of various small to mid cap commodity based equities, which will not only benefit tremendously in inflationary times, but where we believe significant undervaluation of companies true intrinsic value already exists, due to the lack of sell side coverage and the tremendous resource growth opportunities. We believe our investment company offers the best of both worlds, because Snow Leopard Capital Management is small enough to be able to think independently, which we view as a crucial ingredient of long term investment success, but also large enough to have the experience and infrastructure that allows original research and rigorous analysis to drive our investment process.