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Proposal for Investors

The Investment Managers at Snow Leopard Capital Management (‘SLCM’) are of the opinion that we are now in the lag period between when the seeds of inflation are sown and when their off- spring, that is higher prices, are evident for all to see. Therefore, the Mangers strongly believe that growing inflation around the world is going to be the biggest investment theme over the coming decade, and as we are conscious of the potentially damaging investment consequences of rampant inflation, SLCM is here proposing a new type of investment fund that will not only protect investor’s capital but also allow them to benefit from it substantially. To this end, SLCM plans to launch a ‘thematic type’ investment fund (The Snow Leopard Inflation Fund or ‘SLIF’) which will use the Managers’ global macro outlook to guide their ‘top-down’ stock picking approach accordingly.

The fund will employ its capital in only a few select asset classes that are predominantly commodity based, and which will not only benefit tremendously in inflationary times, but where we believe significant undervaluation of companies true intrinsic value already exists. Such approach will therefore allow investors to capitalize on potentially rewarding growth stories and/or valuation mispricing and which will earn rewards even in non-inflationary times. The real assets the fund will be investing in will significantly reward our investors during times when most asset classes will likely be destroying value. When inflation becomes evident for all to see, the values of these assets will be a multiple of what they are today. This is the opportunity we seek to exploit.

The annualized return objective of the fund is 300 basis point above the prevailing US rate of inflation.