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Investment Universe and Geographic Exposure

Given that SLIF will be a dedicated global commodity based equity fund, our investment universe will be mid-to-small cap equities listed on various international stock markets (like: FTSE AIM, TSX, ASX, NYSE) that have their assets or operations domiciled in both emerging and developed countries. In addition we would consider investing in exchange traded commodity contracts (like NYMEX oil futures or COMEX Gold contracts). In terms of our geographic exposure, we favour politically stable and mining friendly jurisdictions around the world, where we can find attractive resource base that offers the potential for growth and the reliable development of the necessary exploration and mining infrastructure. Our portfolio assets would be located in Central and far East Asia, Latin and Central America, Canada, Australia and parts of Africa. We are not particular about where a security is listed as long as the company or its assets give us economic exposure to a particularly attractive geographic region and the liquidity conditions are adequate to trade.

NB: a list of our investment universe is available upon request…