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Welcome to Snow Leopard Capital Management!

Snow Leopard Capital Management Ltd (SLCM) was started with the aim to offer a ‘new frontier’ to clients in investment management. By new frontier we not only mean exposure and investment in frontier emerging markets but also a new way of thinking in fund management. The Investment Managers at SLCM have been active participants in financial markets for years and are now ever more of the view that there is a tremendous sea change in the financial world that lies ahead of us in the near term. Due to irreversible trends such as aging western populations, outsourcing of industries to the Far-East, peak oil and global resource scarcity, etc., western economies became debt fueled. Consequently any substantial rally in equity markets is primarily driven by ever growing liquidity provided by central banks, which fight to keep the ‘party going’. In fact, the extremely high positive correlation between the equity market and oil price is hardly explained by ordinary supply/demand patterns. However, whilst in the short term, money printing can make us all feel better (e.g. higher equity prices and lower bond yields), in the long term, this is a dangerous exercise, as it will lead to unintended consequences. For instance, the loss of asset values during the global financial crises is estimated at least $55 trillion, which is equivalent to almost exactly one year's global output of goods and services.

To this end, the Managers have been vocal about their views of a changing world that has been unfolding over the last few years and how such changes are severely affecting the way investment managers can and should invest their client’s portfolios. This is the context under which SLCM was born as the Investment Managers aim to create unique and dedicated client portfolios that will capitalize on these tectonic changes in our industry. To us the snow leopard is not just the popularized predator of the Central Asian Mountains, but also represents an elusive mammal that has learned to master its rugged habitat and harsh weathers to survive where only few can. “In our imagination, snow leopards belong to a realm beyond the dust and noise of human affairs… You almost have to turn away for a minute to tell the animal is going anywhere. If it knocks a stone loose, it will reach out a foot to stop it from falling and making noise."

We take inspiration from the bravery and patience of this graceful hunter…

(*) National Geographic Magazine, June 2008